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Funds approved for Reggies and daycare renovations

by Ian Down November 20, 2018
Funds approved for Reggies and daycare renovations

CSU approves nearly $225,000 in total for two projects


At a Nov. 14 Concordia Student Union (CSU) council meeting, council approved funding for two renovation projects.

A total of $8,500 will be allocated to ongoing renovations at Reggies Bar. The motion was introduced by finance coordinator John Hutton, who said the campus bar was in need of new upholstery for seating and new light fixtures, among other things.

“Because this is a place that students really enjoy and use a lot, I think it’s a good use of student space funds,” Hutton said. Renovation costs for student spaces are covered by the Student Space, Accessible Education and Legal Contingency (SSAELC) fund. The scope and timeline of these projects was not mentioned, and it was not specified what kind of disruption the renovations would cause for patrons. The campus bar previously underwent extensive renovations in the summer and fall of 2015.

Council also approved renovations for the new CSU daycare on Bishop St. The centre is in need of a more child-friendly outdoor area, according to CSU general coordinator Sophie Hough-Martin. The union will take about $216,000 from the SSAELC fund to build the new outdoor play centre.

“Right now, the outdoor play area is just a very not child-safe porch,” said Hough-Martin, who introduced the motion. She said new features will include plants, a play area with water jets, a security gate for the front entrance, and a larger fence between the daycare, the neighbouring library, and McKibbins Irish Pub. According to the motion, a contract with a private construction firm was approved by the nursery’s board of directors on Oct. 23. The contract then needed to be approved by council.


Photo by Mackenzie Lad.

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