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In brief: La Presse, Communauto and Taiwan

by Mia Anhoury November 27, 2018
In brief: La Presse, Communauto and Taiwan

City in brief

A 66-year-old man died in a Côte-des-Neiges apartment fire on Sunday morning. The police are investigating the fire, according to CTV. The man was found unconscious by firefighters, and later died in the hospital. One firefighter was injured during the mission, and fractured his arm and leg after a hard fall.

The City of Montreal will pay close to $30,000 in damages to a woman who broke her ankle in January 2016 after slipping on an icy sidewalk, according to CBC. The woman needed surgery and her lawsuit included compensation of damages such as loss of income and pain and suffering. This compensation shows the municipality was negligent.

La Presse’s management told its unionized employees that 37 jobs will be terminated due to low advertising revenue, as reported by The Financial Post. The news outlet, which turned to online content with a not-for-profit structure in 2017, has 230 journalists and 550 employees. The management team is seeking voluntary resignations from its employees.

A human body was found inside a burned car in St-Laurent on Friday morning, according to The Montreal Gazette. It is being treated as a suspicious death rather than a suicide. The body has yet to be identified, and police have yet to find the owner of the vehicle, as the car was completely torched.

Nation in brief

A First Nations community with a population of 13,000 in southern Alberta issued a public warning on Saturday after the community saw 22 opioid-related overdoses—one of which was fatal—in the span of 48 hours, according to CTV. Carfentanil is believed to be the drug in question. Methamphetamines have also been found in the community.

Vancouver was ranked the most expensive city in Canada for a date night, costing $149, as reported by The Vancouver Courier. The research by the dating service Elite Singles defined a date night as dinner for two with a bottle of wine at a moderately expensive restaurant, two movie tickets and a ride home in a cab. Montreal placed fifth at $119.

Toronto approved an 18-month pilot project with Communauto, the Montreal-based car sharing company, according to Global News. It allows for drivers to pick up a car in close proximity without having to drive it back to where it was picked up. Communauto launched  200 cars in Toronto last Thursday.

Halifax’s airport road was renamed after Canada’s first black jet fighter pilot, Walter Peters, on Thursday, according to CBC. Now, Walter Peters Drive intersects with Mabel Hubbard Drive—Hubbard was the first woman to fund research in aviation. Peters was part of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

With 49 incidents in 2017, Edmonton’s homicide rate ranks third in Canada preceded by Thunder Bay and Abbotsford Mission, according to Global News. A Statistics Canada report indicates that the city’s homicide rate is 3.49 per 100,000 people.

World in brief

In a referendum on Saturday, the legalization of same-sex marriage was rejected by Taiwanese voters, according to the BBC. Additionally, after the defeat of the pro-independence party known as the Democratic Progressive Party, President Tsai Ing-wen resigned from her position.

Tijuana, Mexico declared a humanitarian crisis when the migrant caravan, carrying around 5,000 people from Central America, arrived in the city on Saturday, according to The Independent. The mayor called for the UN’s help, as the caravan may stay in Tijuana until they find a way into the United States. The group left Honduras in mid-October.

A 26-year-old Norwegian man was charged last week for sexually abusing over 300 boys, who he had coercing nto meeting him in person in Norway, Sweden and Denmark since 2011. The man identified himself as a teenage girl in online chat forums and asked young men to send him explicit images, according to The New York Times. He then blackmailed them into sending more images, over 16,000 of which were found on his computer. His trial is set for Jan. 22 and 11 lawyers will represent the victims.

Six Ukrainian navy crew members were injured when three Ukrainian ships were seized and fired at in the Black Sea on Sunday, according to The Guardian. The ships were sailing towards the Port of Mariupol in the Sea of Azov, an area with high tensions with Russia. The Ukrainian navy said Russia is responsible for the incident. Russia said the ships were illegally entering Russian waters.

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake in northwestern Iran injured at least 200 people on Sunday, according to CNN. Many buildings were damaged and tremors were felt in Baghdad.

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