How to avoid your wallet going downhill

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Graphic by Ana Bilokin.

From Sutton to Saint-Sauveur, what’s the best hill for student ski trips?

With school starting up again, we all know we’re going to get hit with unwanted stress in the coming weeks. Sports are a great way to have fun and can even reduce stress during the semester.

With winter also hitting us hard, it becomes a bit tougher to get outside and stay active. That’s why skiing is a great way to go out with some friends and forget about reality for a few hours. But student ski trips can be very expensive, especially for a student, so here are a few student-friendly mountains in Quebec you could visit.

Mont Sutton: Located in the Eastern Townships, about a 90-minute drive from Montreal, Mont Sutton is one of the bigger mountains in the province. It has 60 trails, including many glades, with a wide range of difficulties, but its $68 price tag for a day pass is costly. They offer reduced prices for students at $46, $37 for an afternoon pass (12-4:30 p.m.), or for just $25, you can access three of the nine chair lifts, which take you to some easy and intermediate trails. For beginners, equipment rental is also at a reduced price for students.

Sommet Saint-Sauveur: One of the closer mountains to Montreal, Sommet Saint-Sauveur, doesn’t offer student ski prices. Instead, skiing here is cheaper than at most mountains, and you save money if you buy online. A regular ticket costs $53 online, but if you buy a night pass (3 p.m. until 10 p.m.) online, it’s $40. If that’s still too costly for you, Sommet Gabriel, Sommet Morin Heights, and Sommet Olympia are smaller nearby hills you can go to for much cheaper. For example, Friday night tickets at Sommet Gabriel are $18.

Mont Habitant: Close to Saint-Sauveur, Mont Habitant is a hill that’s good for learners, or for people on a budget. They have promotional prices for night skiing on the weekend where you can rent equipment along with your lift ticket for under $40. Night skiing is a truly beautiful experience that any skier should have. There are less people on the mountain at night, so unless the temperature drops to -20 C, it’s a calming ski session.

Mont-Tremblant: The alpha of ski mountains in Quebec is probably out of any student’s price range, but worth mentioning. Mont-Tremblant’s mountain is 2,870 feet high with 102 runs, attracting people from all over the world.

Graphic by Ana Bilokin. 

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