Future has returned with his first solo studio album since releasing back-to-back number-one debuts in back-to-back weeks with 2017’s FUTURE and HNDRXX. With its marketing campaign and accompanying documentary, THE WIZRD sets out to be Future’s magnum opus. He has come close to achieving that with this being one of his best albums yet.

Future has always been an artist with two distinct musical identities: the bombastic, in-your-face, king of trap presented on FUTURE and the softer, more melodic, auto-tuned crooner at the center of HNDRXX. THE WIZRD creates a seamless fusion of the two, serving as a highlight reel of Future’s versatility and strengths while still bringing new material to the table. Songs like “Jumpin on a Jet” and “Faceshot” perfectly encapsulate that DS2-era Future sound. They’re absolute bangers: hard-hitting, bass-heavy and full of boastful content. These moments of braggadocio are contrasted with honest, melodic tracks like “Temptation” and “Tricks on Me” giving this project enough variety that its 20-track, hour-long runtime never gets repetitive.

THE WIZRD is Future at his most focused. He has achieved a perfect balance between his various musical identities, exploring a variety of sounds both new and familiar without missing a step. His performance grouped with the phenomenal features and production throughout make for one of the most enjoyable listens in Future’s extensive catalogue.

Trial Track: “Baptiize”

Star Bar: “Peep how we came up the interstate, peep how we never gon’ lose/Peep how they peepin’ and watchin’ me runnin’ off with everything that I do/We didn’t do this for the fun, I didn’t do this just to slack / I did it all for the love, I put the gang on the map” -Future on “Baptiize”


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