QUICKSPINS: Mike Posner – A Real Good Kid

Mike Posner has grown since his Lil Wayne-assisted track “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” and his 2015 Canadian 7x-platinum hit “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.” His newest album, A Real Good Kid, shows a slower, more sombre Posner with a deeper focus on lyricism. His album begins with instructions, asking listeners to listen to the album in one sitting with no distractions. Categorized as Alternative on streaming platforms, Posner’s shift in sound may be attributed to the hardships he faced over the last few years, namely the death of his father, the death of his friend, Avicii, and a hard breakup. Posner addresses all of these instances specifically, demonstrating a very personal level of vulnerability that he felt comfortable sharing with his fans. For the best experience, listen to A Real Good Kid as Posner intended for it to be heard.


Trial Track: “Move On”

Star Bar “Call up girls that live in my hometown
To help fill up the minutes
Lit a match and saged my house down
It didn’t make a difference”
Posner on “Move On”

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