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In brief: Stabbing, Wilson-Raybould, Curiosity

by Mina Mazumder March 5, 2019
In brief: Stabbing, Wilson-Raybould, Curiosity

City in brief

The Plateau-Mont-Royal borough added metal shelves to its trash cans to allow bottle collectors to grab bottles and cans directly from them, according to CBC. Thirty five brackets were installed on garbage bins along St. Laurent Blvd. and Mont-Royal Ave. as part of a pilot project.

A man who was stabbed in the upper body on Sunday morning is now in the hospital in critical condition, according to Global News. The incident took place at the intersection of Ste-Catherine and Crescent streets. Police said the victim was conscious and refused to disclose the details of the incident during the ride to the hospital. Witnesses told police the victim hit two men with an object before being stabbed.

Around a thousand Montrealers took to the streets on Sunday near Montreal’s Algerian consulate to rally against the Algerian president’s re-election bid, according to the CBC. Many voiced their disapproval of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika as they feel he is unfit to lead the country.

A 67-year-old woman suffered traumatic head injuries after a car accident on Sunday morning, according to CBC. She is presently in critical condition at a hospital. Police arrested a man in his 30s who was allegedly driving under the influence when he hit the woman’s vehicle after shifting out of lane. The suspect suffered no injuries.

Nation in brief

The B.C. Supreme Court allowed a 14-year-old transgender teen to begin hormone replacement therapy despite his father’s objections, according to The National Post. The judge said the female-to-male adolescent understands the implications of testosterone injections, and delaying the process could cause him to harm himself again. This ongoing legal fight raises questions about parental rights and child independence.

A Quebec City dentist is looking for two employees for the spring to meet the popularity of her unique service that brings dental care to patients’ homes, according to CBC. For the past five years, Sarah Gagné has been providing mobile services to people with limited mobility, such as seniors and people with disabilities.

Jody Wilson-Raybould, former minister of justice and attorney general of Canada, announced on Sunday she will be running as a Liberal candidate in the upcoming federal elections, according to CBC. Wilson-Raybould, who testified last week concerning the SNC-Lavalin controversy, would run in the Vancouver Granville riding. However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is debating whether or not she should remain in the caucus.

Some of Canada’s leading water bottle brands have sold water that customers complained smelled of ‘urine’ and ‘dirty socks,’ according to CBC. According to four years’ worth of reports from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the brands Dasani, Real Canadian Natural Spring Water, and Refreshe spring water, among others, sold water with foul odors and tastes. The reports also found high levels of sulphur, a chemical element found in matches and fireworks.

World in Brief

U.S. President Donald Trump verbally attacked Special Counsel Robert Mueller at a Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland on Saturday, according to BBC. During the summit, Trump said Mueller had never received a single vote for his role in the Russia probe investigation. Mueller is expected to submit a report about it to the attorney general in the coming weeks.

NASA declared that its Curiosity rover, a robot that was active on Mars from 2004 to 2018, is back to work after a strange glitch, according to BGR. This discovery comes after NASA declared Curiosity to be ‘dead’ due to a sandstorm in 2018. NASA is investigating what prompted Curiosity to go back to its safe mode.

Mental disorders are more common in people who grew up in environments that lack green spaces, according to a study from the Aarhus University in Denmark. The researchers studied children from birth to age 10 and the mental disorders that could develop as they grew older. Children who were raised in green environments, such as parks and forests, were 55 per cent less likely to develop mental disorders, such as obsessive compulsive disorder and schizophrenia.

On Monday, Pope Francis announced the access to archives from World War II from the pontificate of Pius XII will be open on March 2, 2020, according to The New York Times. These archives will allow scholars and historians to learn more about the former pope’s response to the Holocaust. The Vatican traditionally opens archives to the public 70 years after the end of a pontificate.

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