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QUICKSPINS: Homeshake – Helium

by Abegail Ranaudo March 5, 2019
QUICKSPINS: Homeshake – Helium

A raw-built beat with chiming synths pulsates throughout the Montreal-based band’s new release Helium. After parting from Mac DeMarco’s live crew, Peter Sagar further established his solo project, Homeshake, in 2012. Since his previous albums, Midnight Snack (2015) and Fresh Air (2017), the musician has continued to develop his soft, electric-nocturne sound. The artist lyrically falters in this new release. Though, gems like “Like Mariah” and “Nothing Could Be Better” demonstrate the artist’s distinct DIY feel that taps into a hyper-real yet euphoric after-dark experience. Despite the overall chillness of this album, the atmosphere can seem lonesome and dark. Best to listen alone or in a relaxed setting.

Star Bar:

“Dressed up like I’m going out, I feel it and I turn

Empty out my pockets for a tab to soften up the burn

So I walk in little circles rung around just like a bell

Maybe I could feel better with some people that I know so well”

– Peter Sagar on “All Night Long”

Trial Track: Just Like My


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