QUICKSPINS: Juice WRLD – Death Race for Love

Death Race for Love, the sophomore album from Juice WRLD, is a misfire. With 22 tracks and a 72-minute runtime, the project drowns itself in filler tracks and underdeveloped themes of heartbreak and depression. Stylistically, Juice stays in his emo-rap lane without pushing any boundaries. There are some great emotional moments, such as “Robbery” and “10 Feet,” but Juice meanders throughout Death Race so much that these brief looks into greatness are shadowed by generic and uninspiring songs like “HeMotions.” Undeniably influenced by Lil Peep, this project is suffocated by its attempt to recreate his sound. Death Race was promoted by Interscope as Juice Wrld’s Reasonable Doubt, but it feels more like his Blueprint 3.

Score: 4/10

Trial Track: “Robbery”

Star Bar: “I problem solve with Styrofoam / My world revolves around a black hole / The same black hole that’s in place of my soul, uh / Empty, I feel so goddamn empty”

  • Juice Wrld on “Empty”

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