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CSU runner-up candidates elected

Photo by Mia Anhoury.

Cut the Crap announced they will appeal the disqualification to the Judicial Board

Following Cut the Crap’s disqualification from the Concordia Student Union (CSU) elections, Chief Electoral Officer Florian Prual said candidates with the second most votes are elected.

From the slate riZe, the elected candidates are:

  • Margot Berner – General coordinator
  • Manuela Simo – Loyola coordinator
  • Paige Keleher – Student Life coordinator
  • Apochele Christina Kamwendo – Sustainability coordinator

From the slate New Community, the elected candidates are:

  • Jessica Avalos Salas – Academic & Advocacy coordinator
  • Emily Faraj –Internal Affairs coordinator
  • Nicolas Chevalier – External & Mobilization coordinator
  • Désirée Blizzard – Finance coordinator

Prual said his decision to call on the runner-ups to be elected was because executive seats cannot remain vacant.

Cut the Crap was disqualified for violating the union’s standing regulations. Danielle Vandolder-Beaudin, the finance coordinator candidate, was inciting students to vote for the slate during the polling period.

However, Cut the Crap announced it will appeal their disqualification to the Judicial Board of the union. The slate still refused to comment.

The violation in question was brought to council by CSU councillors Patrick Quinn and Chris Kalafatidis, both from Cut the Crap. As members of the participation committee, they were involved in drafting the online voting regulations.

Photo by Mia Anhoury.

A previous version of this article said Kalafatidis and Quinn were on the appointment committee, when in fact they were not. The Concordian regrets this error.

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