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Results from ASFA general elections released

by Jad Abukasm April 2, 2019
Results from ASFA general elections released

Momentum for ASFA wins five of seven seats

The results for the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’s (ASFA) general elections were released on Sunday. Momentum for ASFA won five seats out of seven, all unopposed.

ASFA’s new executive team consists of Evan Lee (general coordinator), Janet Yang (finance coordinator), Richard Mayer (internal coordinator), Tori Smith-Ayotte (student life coordinator), Michelle Lam (communications coordinator), independent candidates George Manolakis (academic coordinator) and Maryam El Hebri (mobilization coordinator). Gabriel Barrios-Obando and Balbina de la Garza were elected as independent councillors.

Students also approved a referendum question that included restructured the executive team in ASFA’s by-laws and allows executives to vote in council. Previously, the mobilization coordinator and the general coordinator were represented by one executive, the advocacy and executive coordinator. Marguerite Rolland, ASFA’s current advocacy and executive coordinator, said it would be preferable to separate the advocacy and executive mandate since both roles were too much for a single coordinator to handle.

The sustainability mandate has been divided between the student life coordinator and the finance coordinator. According to the policy, sustainable practices would be embedded in every action from ASFA. The Loyola mandate will be absorbed by a standing committee composed of one member from each Loyola member association.

The referendum question asked whether students agreed to give executives a vote in ASFA council meetings. It also asked whether students agreed with the creation of an assistant coordinator for frosh and elections.

“Thank you to the hard working current exec team, the ASFA council and the students for inspiring my team and I to run and continue to build a better future for ASFA,” Smith-Ayotte wrote in a Facebook post. “To all Arts and Science students, we can’t wait to work for you to help you find your place and community at Concordia.”

This year, 541 students voted in the elections, compared to 459 in 2017.

Graphic by Zeze Le Lin.

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