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Colour Commentary: Hockey is a no personality zone

by Matthew Ohayon September 3, 2019
Colour Commentary: Hockey is a no personality zone

Something a lot of hockey fans complain about, myself included, is the lack of personality shown by players in the National Hockey League.

The players are made to be carbon copies of each other when it comes to everything but their on-ice play. They all show up to games in suits, say the same thing game after game in the post-game media scrums, and give little insight into their lives.

Many have often called P.K. Subban the most marketable player in the NHL. He loves to share what’s going on in his life on his social media, which is great for fans that want to see more of their favourite players. So why is it that when he posts a video of himself working out on Twitter and Instagram, it’s met with a barrage of angry replies from fans and media?

The tweet that sticks out to me is from Andrew Walker of Sportsnet 650am in Vancouver. It reads, “Hey has anyone seen any PK Subban summer workout videos? I haven’t noticed. I sure hope he’s training hard for the new season like all the other players.”

Subban is giving fans exactly what they want and, frankly, giving the bland sport of hockey exactly what it needs – a little bit of flavour. If Subban’s online presence really bothers you that much to the point where it boils your blood, just unfollow him. It’s that easy.

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