Following a brief venture into experimental territory, BROCKHAMPTON have returned with a much more focused album in Ginger. This isn’t a return to the bright, fun style the boy band perfected during their Saturation era. This is a brooding album with each track focusing on the struggles each member has had to deal with since the controversial removal of ex-member Ameer Vann. These struggles are best highlighted on the standout track “DEARLY DEPARTED” which features one of Dom McLennon’s best verses ever,

Setting the tone early, “NO HALO” is a dark, string-led track bringing the best out of each member.  The M.V.P. of this album is undoubtedly Bearface, whose vocals have reached new heights, especially on tracks like “BIG BOY” and “VICTOR ROBERTS.”

Ginger is a triumphant success that shows just how much America’s best boy band has grown over the last year.


Trial Track: “NO HALO”

Star Bar:

“When somebody that you know throws you in the fire
How do you survive?
I kicked down the door inside a home I didn’t own just to save a friend’s life
Little did I know, the one who pulled the strings was once on my side
I had just moved to Texas, tried to make it right”

-Dom McLennon on “DEARLY DEPARTED”

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