QUICKSPINS: Jack Harlow – Confetti

Jack Harlow – Confetti

Confidence bleeds all over Jack Harlow’s new mixtape, Confetti

The worst crime an album can commit is being boring. Artists often overstay their welcome and release lethargic pieces of work that fail to illustrate their strengths. We’ve seen this happen with albums having more than 15 tracks, or that are longer than 50 minutes.

Thankfully, Jack Harlow knows what he’s good at and when to cap it off. Confetti, his newest mixtape, is a concise 35-minute banger-fest that puts his tight flow in a trophy case, all while rapping over beats that could rattle any neighbourhood if played at full volume.

The 12-track project opens similarly to his previous effort from 2018, Loose; with a banger. It sets the tone and establishes the flow that the Louisville rapper would seamlessly use throughout the mixtape. The beats are simple but effective. The bass is booming, the melodies add personality, and most importantly, they never bore. “THRU THE NIGHT” with Bryson Tiller’s flip of Usher’s classic “U Don’t Have To Call,” demonstrates both artists seamlessly rapping over the continuously sampled chorus. Harlow’s knack for hooks also makes each song worth revisiting because of how catchy they are. Nothing ever reaches high levels of complexity, but it never really matters.

Those looking for something innovative will have to look elsewhere. The flows are similar sounding throughout each track and most tracks bleed into each other, making standout moments harder to come by. That said, nothing on the album is particularly bad. At worst, the songs sound similar. At best, they still rock whatever speakers from which they’re being heard. In short, Harlow’s mixtape is a fun, short romp, best heard driving around the city in traffic.


Trial Track: “THRU THE NIGHT”

Star Bar: “Late nights, head hurtin’ / Open up the red curtains / You don’t love me, you just networkin’ / I’m still trying to be the best version of me” (Harlow on “HEAVY HITTER”)

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