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QUICKSPINS: JPEGMAFIA – All My Heroes Are Cornballs

By Louis Pavlakos September 17, 2019

This album isn’t for everyone, but it’s one of the most ambitious albums of 2019

It’s hard to classify what kind of music JPEGMAFIA makes. There’s clearly rapping involved, but his newest album, All My Heroes Are Cornballs, defies any expectations one might have about a rap album. This project features some of the strangest beats of the year as well as some insane, loud, and in-your-face performances by Peggy himself. The album’s strangeness is most apparent on tracks like “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot”, where the song itself provides as many laughs as its title.

In contrast to his previous album, Veteran, Peggy’s new project is much more melodic, and he even flips TLC’s classic “No Scrubs” on “BasicBitchTearGas.” His new album isn’t for everyone. Frankly, it isn’t for most casual music listeners, but it is one of the most unique and ambitious albums of 2019.


Trial Track: “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot”

Star Bar: “Say what you said on Twitter right now (Right now, exactly, nigga)

You only brave with a board and a mouse (Uh-huh)

You wasn’t talkin’ when I put you in the ground (Sucker)

Don’t leave the house

Don’t get capped by a n*gga in a motherfuckin’ gown” (JPEGMAFIA on “Beta Male Strategies”)

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