QUICKSPINS: Tones and I – The Kids Are Coming

Tones and I is a newcomer onto the music world’s big stage; although The Kids Are Back is exactly what the world needed from the pop singer since her lightning-fast rise to fame this year.

The 6-track EP highlights the Australian former busker’s creative use of her voice over both upbeat dance-style instrumentals and more melancholic, piano-driven tracks. Her ability to twist and bend words, almost deconstructing their pronunciation and transforming them into an unrecognizable musical sound, perfectly demonstrates her ability to use her voice as an instrument. Also, the fact that she touches on relevant themes, such as sexual discrimination and the importance of the youth, show that her understanding of music goes beyond her natural talent. Tones and I is here to stay, and this short EP was enough to prove it to everyone.


Trial Track: “Dance Monkey”

Star Bar:

“No one wants to listen to the kids these days

Yeah, the fibs these days, yeah

They say that we’re all the same

But they’re the ones to blame” (Tones and I on “The Kids Are Coming”)

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