Anniversary QUICKSPINS: OASIS – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?

One of the most iconic British rock albums of all time, revisited

On this week in 1995, English rock band Oasis released their second studio album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?. The record is considered by some to be the greatest album of all time and the album that propelled them to worldwide stardom, being declared the greatest British album since 1980 at the 2010 Brit Awards. It includes timeless classics like “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” “Champagne Supernova,” and the song we’ve surely all sang in a large group at a drunken house party a few decibels too high: “Wonderwall.”

Despite the current state of Liam and Noel Gallagher’s relationship, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? and the many albums that followed solidified Oasis’ place in rock and roll history and as the creators of the world’s greatest sing-along song.


Timeless Classic: Wonderwall

Star Bar: “Take me to the place where you go / Where nobody knows if it’s night or day / But please don’t put your life in the hands / Of a Rock n Roll band /Who’ll throw it all away” – “Don’t Look Back in Anger”

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