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QUICKSPINS: Gucci Mane – Woptober II

by Jacob Carey October 22, 2019
QUICKSPINS: Gucci Mane – Woptober II

The trap pioneer’s 15th studio album probably sounds as you’d expect it to

Gucci Mane, veteran Atlanta rapper and the new face of fashion luxury brand Gucci, released his 15th studio album as the second edition of his Woptober series. The album features a variety of features including young up-and-comers DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby and 66.6 per cent of Migos.

The rate at which Gucci releases new music is impressive to say the least, but this may take away from any of these records having any more longevity than the next. His clever bars and familiar flow are always welcomed, but Woptober II, like many of its predecessors, has little lasting power compared to some of the classics that Gucci released earlier in his career. The tracks with features always sound like a fun collaboration among friends, or between rookie and vet, while Gucci’s solo songs typically offer more introspection into the mind of a trapstar criminal turned multi-millionaire businessman.


Trial Track: “Big Boy Diamonds” ft. Kodak Black

Star Bar:
“I’m not talkin’ the Weeknd, but I’m talking ‘bout Abel / You see this shit that Cain did, and they weren’t even strangers” – Gucci Mane on “Highly Recommended”

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