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QUICKSPINS: Tove Lo – Sunshine Kitty

by Johanne Nedergaard October 1, 2019
QUICKSPINS: Tove Lo – Sunshine Kitty

The Swedish Queen of dark pop has found a new path with lots of sunshine

Swedish artist Tove Lo usually creates alternative and honest pop songs about heartbreak, where the production suits the darker corners of the club. On her new album, Sunshine Kitty, Lo has been walking down a much brighter path – one that has a promising and very well-produced foundation throughout (almost) the entire album.

Tove Lo has changed her lyrical universe surrounding broken hearts and drugs, to embrace inner peace and falling in love. She wants you to actually enjoy the parties you attend, instead of being smashed and wasted on the dancefloor. Unfortunately, there are some quite dull moments between the delicate pop bangers; where songs like “Mateo” and “Shifted” give the vibe of waiting in line for the washroom at a party, where you are feeling impatient and restless.

Throughout the 40-minute album, Tove Lo is guiding you through her newfound happy place. Unfortunately, this positiveness doesn’t have quite the same feeling of sincerity and honesty that can be found on Lo’s earlier productions.

All in all, I am sure to give this little Kitty a spin or two, especially when I’ll be going out to dance the night away.


Trial Track: “Really don’t like u” ft. Kylie Minogue

Star Bar:

“They say be one with the city

So I’m standing in the sun all day

Got their manners mapped out

And they just smile, no matter what I say” (Lo on “Anywhere u go”)


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