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QUICKSPINS: Hot Pink is hot fire

by Louis Pavlakos November 19, 2019
QUICKSPINS: Hot Pink is hot fire

Hip pop is in good hands with Doja Cat’s latest album

Let’s face it: no one expected Doja Cat to explode into such virality after releasing her meme-hit “MOOO!” The song is hilarious and is the antithesis to the current pop formula. She clearly knows her audience is composed of Twitter users and avid meme lovers.

Hot Pink doesn’t stray far from her hip pop formula used on “MOOO!” or her Amala mixtape from 2018. Her wide range of voices is undoubtedly influenced by Nicki Minaj’s earliest works, but it doesn’t feel like a carbon copy. “Say So” could easily reach the Billboard pop charts while “Juicy” with Tyga is already a proven hit.

Doja’s rapping is also strong and her flows are consistently on point. However, where she succeeds in technical style, her content lacks. “Cyber Sex” is a weak intro to an otherwise strong album. “Rules” features a chorus with a line that sounds like it was written by a “Tumblr girl” in 2012 (“Play with my pussy but don’t play with my emotions”).

Still, these weak moments are few and far between as the songs succeed in every other aspect. They’re fun, sexy, and immensely replayable. Standout “Streets” features a lovely B2K sample while the bass-heavy instrumental is an automatic add to a late-night drive playlist.

If Doja Cat is the leader of the new hip pop wave, then the subgenre is in good hands. She knows how to make a hit and how to make an album full of bops that aren’t boring, corny, or watered-down radio songs.


Trial Track: “Streets”

Star Bar:
“Baby, we tried to fight it
We all been there some days
Thought I need something else
And acted like I was okay
We just had to work it out
And baby, I needed space” (Doja Cat on “Streets”)

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