QUICKSPINS: Selena Gomez – Rare

Nearly five years after Revival, Selena Gomez releases her new album, Rare.

Nearly five years since her last album, Selena Gomez has finally returned with a new project, Rare; her most personal and introspective album thus far.

Gomez uses extremely powerful lyrics to explain what she’s been through in the past few years. Struggling with her kidney transplant, lupus, and Justin Bieber drama, Gomez shows that she’s back and stronger than ever, and uses deep bass in multiple songs to emphasize it.

When listening to Rare in order, it does exactly what Gomez intended: it tells her story—loud and clear. There’s a good balance of soft songs, like “Cut You Off” and “A Sweeter Place (feat. Kid Cudi),” and fast-paced upbeat songs like “Look At Her Now” and “Let Me Get Me.”

The rawness of songs like “Vulnerable” adds to the authenticity of the story Gomez is telling, with the use of soft, low vocals and slow beats.

However, 13 songs feels like a lot for this album as they get a little repetitive by the 10th track “Kinda Crazy.” A seven-song album would’ve worked just as well, but since Gomez uses the album to share her feelings, and given it’s been so long since her last project, a 13-track album is perfectly understandable.

Rating: 8/10

Trial Track: Look At Her Now

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