QUICKSPINS: Craig Stickland – Starlit Afternoon

Craig Stickland starts off strong with his debut album

On Feb. 28, Craig Stickland finally released his debut album, Starlit Afternoon, in which he explains his journey through 12 songs.

Eighteen days before the big release, the Vancouver-born singer-songwriter started sharing the inspiration and story behind each one of his 12 tracks on Instagram and Facebook. In doing this, Stickland took us on the adventure with him; making us feel as if we were present in those moments, and sharing details of his personal life.

Without these short descriptions, we would have never guessed that the story behind “History” is him bumping into his ex-girlfriend at a “fake, trendy LA party” after not seeing her for a year.

In the opening track, Stickland gives us a good taste of the rest of his charming album. He describes a person singing and dancing under a “Starlit Afternoon,” making us feel as though we are right next to them.

His soothing voice, along with the calm acoustics take us to whatever place he’s singing about so beautifully. High notes heard in “Warning” and “Break Every Rule,” for example, make listening to him even more pleasant.

Stickland couldn’t have made a better debut album than Starlit Afternoon.

Rating: 10/10

Trial Track: “Starlit Afternoon”


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