WATCH: The Haitian Students’ Association charity thrift shop

WATCH: The Haitian Students’ Association took over the Webster library with a charity thrift shop in support of a school in Haiti on Feb. 19

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CSU reveals orientation sponsors

After an email exchange that lasted almost two months between the Concordia Student Union and one of its members, the CSU finally revealed on Monday its orientation sponsors and the amounts each contributed. The figures show that the CSU received $22,450 from sponsors this year, although not all of it was in cash. Much of it was in the value of something else, such as Sleeman’s contribution of $5,760 worth of beer.


CORRECTION: It was reported in the last issue that Concordia's Administration had released $200,000 in student funds to the CSU after a meeting between CSU president-elect Sabine Friesinger and Rector Frederick Lowy. In fact, no meeting ever took place. A mix-up occurred within the administration when, on April 25, an e-mail was sent to Friesinger asking her to meet with Lowy to discuss the funds.
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Candidates revealed for CSU elections

Out of the 40 candidates running in the Concordia Student Union elections who were invited to an information meeting on the evening of March 4, only three showed up.The two candidates running for CSU president, current CSU councillor Melanie Hotchkiss and Arts and Science Federation of Associations VP internal Schubert Laforest — who are each leading an affiliation of candidates running for executive positions — were not present.