QUICKSPINS: 5 Seconds of Summer – CALM

5SOS reveal their growth and improvement in their new album

After disappearing for two years and releasing Youngblood in 2018, 5 Seconds of Summer has returned with their fourth studio album, CALM.

The album starts off with loud songs, such as “No Shame,” and “Easier,” in which the bass and drums are prominent. After the fifth track “Teeth,” the album shifts to softer, calmer tracks, like “Wildflower,” and “Best Years.”

The Australian pop-rock band gave us exactly what we needed during this quarantine: incredible music to enjoy. Songs like “Teeth” have you dancing around to catchy beats while screaming the lyrics (“Fight so dirty but your love so sweet/ Talk so pretty but your heart got teeth”).

Yet, the profound lyrics heard in “Old Me” have you reflecting on the old you (“Shout out to the old me/ And everything he showed me/ Had to fuck it up before I let you get to know me”). This will, undoubtedly, make you think of all the mistakes you’ve made but don’t necessarily regret, as they probably made you into the person you are today.

Also,  lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Luke Hemmings explained the meaning of the 12 songs in an interview with Apple Music. “You’re not the person that you were when you were younger, but also you have to do these things and make mistakes to move forward and grow as a person,” he said, explaining “Old Me,” and possibly the album, along with their 2016 disappearance.

Taking time to explain the meaning of every song is extremely helpful for fans as they can understand what the songs mean to the band, as well as their purpose in releasing the album.

Rating: 9/10

Trial Track: “No Shame”


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