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Concordia’s Model United Nations team ranks amongst top 25 worldwide

by Alexi Dubois June 16, 2020
Concordia’s Model United Nations team ranks amongst top 25 worldwide

Concordia finished 24th according to recently released rankings

After a season of conferences across North America, it was recently announced that the Concordia Model UN team finished 24th in the World Division and second in Canada, behind only McGill.

During the year, Concordia attended six conferences before the season drew to an abrupt halt in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They brought home awards from each conference, in which hundreds of universities competed throughout the year.

Model United Nations is an activity where students from various universities gather together at a host school for a conference. Participants, known as delegates, are separated into a number of different committees, and each committee is given a topic to discuss. For example, one committee might be discussing waste management while another could be discussing atomic energy. The goal for the delegates is to create a bill with a list of recommendations which, if enacted, would address the topic of discussion. The most prominent delegates from each committee are awarded for their achievements.

This is the second year in a row that Concordia has placed in the top 25, and team president Jonah Guez could not be any prouder.

“Concordia is capable of competing with the top schools in North America,” said Guez. This may be one of the only competitions where Concordia can best Ivy League schools. The Concordia group finished five places behind Harvard and beat Princeton and Cornell in the final rankings.

“Every delegate plays a role in the success of the others and awards are won as a team,” said Guez. He attributed the team’s success to the hard work and dedication of their 30 plus members.

“Seeing my school amongst the best in the continent is simply awesome,” said team member Nikolas Manrique. He chose to attend Concordia because of their strong Model UN program and was thrilled to see this kind of success in his first year.

“Being a part of this group meant being part of a family,” said Jamie Fabian. This idea of family and teamwork was brought up time and time again by members of the group. They were all quick to attribute their success to the hard work of those around them.

“Striving to be better than the day before is a priority for the team,” said president Jonah Guez. With that aim in mind, he says they are already preparing for next year.

Ultimately, improvement comes in the form of climbing up the rankings. In Fabian’s mind, the team has one very clear goal for next year: crack the top 20 worldwide. For more information about Concordia’s Model UN, visit www.conmun.org.

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