QUICKSPIN: The Killers – Imploding the Mirage

The Killers are as confident as ever on their sixth studio album

Admittedly, none of the four singles leading up to The Killer’s sixth studio album suggested that it would be a hit. As standalones, the singles sounded very similar to what one would come to expect from frontman Brandon Flowers after nearly two decades in the spotlight. However, pieced together as one cohesive body of work, Imploding the Mirage may be one of the stronger projects to emerge from the Las Vegas legends in a long while.

Originally intended as a spring release, The Killers announced that they would delay their album until Dec. 31, 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic and inability to tour. However, a change of heart on behalf of the band brought the release date forward into August. Perhaps they felt like their fans could use some throwback-esque Killers in such dire times.

From the intro song “My Own Soul’s Warning” to the closing title track, Imploding the Mirage is as grandiose and vibrant as the name alludes. Flowers is back in his element, with superb songwriting about longing for love while searching for signs from the heavens where his often-soft-spoken verses culminate to a powerful chorus. The album is reminiscent of Sam’s Town, the best project in their catalogue, mixed with their later love for synthesizer on every song. The Killers feel like they have found their voice once again, and Flowers is sounding more comfortable than ever.

Rating: 8/10

Trial Track: “Blowback”

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