Former Concordia student Karaline Alessia releases debut poetry collection

Love & Other Anxieties offers an intimate glimpse into the author’s emotions

The lockdown has shuttered many of us indoors, lending more time to catch up on some leisure reading. Montreal based poet and former Concordia student Karaline Alessia recently released her debut poetry book Love & Other Anxieties.

The book centres on the themes of love, feelings of anxiety, and women empowerment, with Alessia writing her poems as an open journal to the world. This collection offers an intimate glimpse into the poet’s emotions as she navigates through both difficult and triumphant moments.

It can be difficult to reflect on certain parts of your life,” said Alessia. “My poetry is all about my experience, and it was hard to think back on times in my life that I would have rather forgotten.”

When not writing poetry, Alessia works as a public school teacher at Westmount’s Roslyn Elementary School. In addition to this, the author runs the Caterpillar Club, a literacy centre that aims to help students who struggle with reading, writing and phonics.

Despite her busy schedule, Alessia dedicates as much time as possible to writing, whether she is scrawling ideas into a notebook, or her Notes app while on the go. 

“I had most of the book written as I had previously self published a version of it before,” she explains. “With my publisher, we decided that we wanted to republish it as an even better version.”

Alessia published her book with Ace of Swords, a Montreal-based publishing house established in 2019 by four Concordia graduates.

“The publishing aspect also took several months, as there are many different parts to publishing a book. Writing takes a long time, and you have to be okay with that.”

Alessia began writing an array of unpublished children’s books, with many ideas arising during her work as a teacher. 

“As time went on, I decided to change up my style and take a try with poetry,” says Alessia.

The author notes that if you’re looking to write poetry, it’s important to spend a considerable amount of time reading poetry as well.

I read a lot of poetry before writing. I think it’s really important to read in the genre you write for inspiration and to learn.”

Alessia suggests studying writing techniques from established authors.

“Some people see this as copying for some reason, but it’s not. It’s about learning and teaching yourself.”

To purchase a copy of Love & Other Anxieties, visit the Ace of Swords website. Those looking to stay updated on Alessia’s work can follow her on Instagram.


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