Despite EP2! being a lot less ambitious than most of his previous efforts, JPEGMAFIA still puts out some enjoyable songs

JPEGMAFIA, one of Baltimore’s most innovative and ground-breaking voices in hip hop, returned with his second EP in as many months. EP2! contains seven songs where we see the rapper going towards a softer and moodier direction than on previous projects, while surfing on the instrumentals with a soothing, autotuned voice.

This EP sees Peggy playing it safe with the production and vocals, which is not within his usual habits, as he tends not to hold back. He usually goes out of his way to find some of the weirdest possible sounds, which helped him build a cult following. The production of this short project borrows a lot of the same sounds, so much so that it feels like the songs blend into each other, especially in the first half of the release.

“FIX URSELF!” is easily one of the best singles he has ever put out. On this track, he sounds as braggadocious and confident as ever, while flowing on the contagious beat with a smooth autotune. He delivers a memorable hook which makes the song sound like a celebratory track. This number contains everything you would want from a JPEGMAFIA song.

The next song “KELTEC!” sees the MC hop on a similar instrumental as on “FIX URSELF!” with the snares, light claps and synth horns all being featured prominently, albeit without the same charisma and catchiness that the previous tune had.

Although he used similar sounds on the first four tracks, he switches it up on the last three. This is especially notable on “PANIC ROOM!” which is the closest JPEGMAFIA has come to recreating his classic abrasive and ear-challenging sound. This track contains some weird drum patterns and sounds that work well with his flow on the song. This is by far the most experimental song on this micro-album and it sounds like it could have been on Veteran.

“THIS ONES FOR US!” and “FEED ME!” are smoother and more relaxed songs that see him approaching some more mainstream and contemporary sounds like the elegant guitar chords on the back end of “FEED ME!” or the sweet metallic bell on “THIS ONES FOR US!”

While JPEGMAFIA does not take as many risks as he did on EP!, which was way more adventurous and daring than EP2!, he still serves us a great appetizer for a possible upcoming album.


Score: 7/10

Trial track: FIX URSELF!

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