Concert Review: Tyler, The Creator: Call Me If You Get Lost tour, Place Bell, Laval

Tyler, The Creator performing at Place Bell in Montreal last week. GUILLAUME LABERGE
Tyler, The Creator performing at Place Bell in Montreal last week. GUILLAUME LABERGE

Tyler, The Creator lit up the Place Bell on Wednesday

After Montreal have been deprived of large arena concerts for the better half of three years, Tyler, The Creator and friends made up for lost time with an electrifying performance at Place Bell on March 9 for the Call Me If You Get Lost tour. Fresh off the release of his massively successful 2021 record of the same name, it was only right for Tyler to go around the world to perform his beloved hits.

Before seeing Tyler play his set, fans were lucky enough to have three opening acts, courtesy of Teezo Touchdown, Vince Staples, and Kali Uchis. As the first of four acts, Teezo really set the bar high for the performing artists to come with an energetic and highly interactive performance centered around a construction theme decor. Following him was Vince Staples, who despite having a catalogue to deliver an interesting performance, had next to no stage presence. While the songs themselves made up for the lackluster performance, he was still the least interesting act of the concert. Last opening act but not least Kali Uchis was magnificent. She gave a sensual rendition of her material that saw her go back and forth between her biggest hits and her most recent Spanish cuts, all of which were executed graciously in both languages.

Now up to the showstopper. The stage was set to fit the luxurious vibe of Call Me If You Get Lost, fitted with a manor and balcony, a teal Rolls-Royce and even a boat which was fixed to the floor. Tyler was using the props in really interesting ways, navigating to the other smaller stage with the various means of transportation. The Californian rapper began his set with a couple of tracks from Call Me If You Get Lost like “SIR BEAUDELAIRE,” “CORSO” and “LEMONHEAD.” He followed by touching every studio album in his discography, performing at least one song from each of them, delivering some of the strongest material from his 15 year career.

A thing that makes Tyler stand out from others is his flashy personality. It is a well known fact at this point that he is one of the funniest rappers in the industry. Whether he is cracking jokes, interacting with his fans, or even getting booed at, which is something he likes, he always manages to be entertaining even when he isn’t performing. His stage presence is on another level and his good energy and solid dance moves play a significant role in why this man is such a captivating individual.

Tyler kept fans engaged from start to finish and the crowd’s passion and ardor were at peak form. It was definitely special to see live music again and Tyler was the perfect candidate to remind us how great concerts are. 

Photo by Guillaume Laberge

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