Concert Review : Milla Thyme x Carlyn x L. Teez at La Sala Rossa on March 18

 The up-and-comers taking Montreal by storm 

Sticky floors, a bubbling crowd, and good music. Montreal-based rap artist Milla Thyme’s EVERYTHING HAS ITS THYME tour came to Montreal last month, and was a remarkable re-introduction to live music for myself and many others in the crowd that night. 

The show featured guest performances from some of Montreal’s most exciting up-and-coming performers, including self-proclaimed nightmare pop artist Carlyn and the jazz/hip hop fusion musician, L. Teez. 

Carlyn, who gave the first performance of the night, has been releasing music since 2018. Her first hit, Spit,gained quite a bit of recognition, and she’s since released two other singles, 2020’sAntidote and “Run. Carlyn has also collaborated with artists such as Montreal/Boston-based rapper Chris Madden. 

With influences like Syd Barrett, Muse, Britney Spears, Billie Eilish, and Madison Beer guiding her creative process, it’s no surprise that the singer/songwriter is set to be a big success within the dark-pop genre. 

To see her in concert felt like witnessing all of those influences brought to life. Her ability to engage the crowd with confidence and ease, while also putting on one of the most high-energy performances I’ve witnessed, was captivating and made for an impressive performance.   

The second performer, L.Teez, stepped out to a vivacious crowd following Carlyn’s high-energy show. The Montreal-based performer, who has been recording music and playing shows for almost a decade, did an incredible job at continuing to connect with the crowd. 

L.Teez came out onto the stage with a captivating presence, riling up the crowd and encouraging everyone to move along with the melody, sometimes even physically motioning for everyone to move closer to the ground, only to bring us all up again with one hand wave — like a conductor, guiding his choir. 

Overall, it was a mesmerizing performance, due in large part to the chemistry between the artist and his immensely talented background singers/instrumentalists, in addition to their captivating collective stage presence.  

The third performer and headlining artist, Milla Thyme, put on another impressive show. With his discography dating back to 2016, the artist is well-versed in what he does. 

As the headlining act, Thyme was there to promote his latest album Everything Has Its Thyme, a psychedelic-sounding record with hip hop, soul, jazz and R&B influences. 

Similar to L.Teez and Carlyn, Thyme’s stage presence was unmatched. As a member of the audience, it was incredible to see such consistent levels of enthusiasm and showmanship within each performance. Thyme also had an incredible and talented background crew which accompanied his performance and elevated it to the next level. 

The show was captivating and this album is, without a doubt, some of Thyme’s best work to date. With it having been released almost a year ago, there is surely some incredible new music awaiting fans and new listeners alike.

All in all, the concert was incredible. It was captivating and vulnerable all at once, a truly spectacular reintroduction to live performances, with some of the most current and promising up-and-comers of the Montreal music scene presented at their best.


Photo by Sydney Gastaldo

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