Concordia Students Strike for Climate Justice

Talia Kliot reported on the rally held by Concordia students, as they joined the many who protested their concerns regarding climate change.


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Clean, green credit

This year, students from a variety of programs will participate in a project that will audit economic, social and ecologically related operations on campus and how they affect university and community living. Aptly titled the "Sustainable Concordia Project", Co-ordinators Melissa Lamarca-Garcia and Geneva Guerin created the project out of the desire to unite administration, faculty and students through a mutual concern of on-campus operations that have local and global impact.

CSU president sceptical of cap on university ancillary fees

Capping ancillary fees may not be as good as it sounds because this proposal comes at no cost to the government and puts more burden on cash-strapped universities, says Concordia Student Union President Angelica Novoa. "I think it's a step in the right direction that the government recognizes the problem of ancillary fees which are a backdoor way to get fees from students," she said, but stressed that "it doesn't solve the problem that universities don't have enough funding for their operations [in general].

Sleepless for the homeless

Numb toes and sleepless nights will be in the cards for Brian Chungwing, Adam Gold and Josh Redler. The three John Molson School of Business students are taking part in 5 Days for the Homeless, a fundraising campaign where they will experience living on the street.

Abuses brought to the table

The Globalize Human Rights Day on the Mezzanine last Thursday reminded students that human rights abuses are omnipresent, as a wide range of student groups tabled information concerning abuses affecting their club members. "People are aware of human right abuses reported in the media," said Ezra Winton, spokesperson for Amnesty International Concordia (AIC), "but a lot of them go unreported.