15 can’t miss things to do this November

James Fay/ THE CONCORDIAN @jamesfaydraws

In November you begin to know how long the winter will be, but never fear, here are some events to see.

  1. Montreal Career Fair  

Where: Holiday Inn, Centreville Downtown

When: Nov. 30 

What: A chance to meet with different industry leaders, explore future job options and ask questions. 

  1. Remembrance Day Parade 

Where: Place du Canada

When: Nov. 11 

What: An annual event put on by the Black Watch in remembrance of the soldiers who fought and died for their country. 

  1. Coup de Coeur Festival 

Where: various shows across Montreal

When: Nov. 3-13

What: A festival dedicated to French artists from the local and international stage.

  1. Montreal International Documentary Festival  

Where: varying cinemas across Montreal 

When: Nov. 17-27

What: One of North America’s top documentary film festivals showing works from Canadians and international filmmakers. 

  1. Bach Festival   

Where: La Maison symphonique de Montréal

When: Nov. 12 through Dec. 21 

What : A festival dedicated entirely to famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach, it consists of performances, educational pieces and open rehearsals.

  1. Researchers’ Night 

Where: Montreal Botanical Gardens 

When: Nov. 11 

What: It’s a night from the past, with scientists from different eras coming together to focus on different topics and explain their research and answer questions. 

  1. ​​ Taylor Swift Dance Party 

Where: The Ritz Bar 

When Nov. 5

What: A dance party going to 3 am playing solely Taylor swift music from start to finish. 

  1. A Railway’s Christmas 

Where: The Canadian Railway Museum 

When: Nov. 25 – Jan. 3

What: The Railway Museum has decorated many of its vehicles in Christmas holiday fashion and will offer many different activities. 

  1. Mundial Montreal  

Where: varying locations around Montreal 

When: Nov. 15-18 

What: An event that features diverse artists and sounds from around 50 regions of the globe.  

  1. Singh’s Arcade 

Where: 83 rue Ste-Anne, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

When: any time you’d like

What: An old style arcade with a twist, this space doubles as an art gallery that exhibits different local Montreal artists each month and an arcade to kick some butt at Pac-Man. 

  1. Celebration of Light: Diwali Party

Where:  L’Orbite 406 Rue Notre-Dame Est Montréal

When: Nov. 4

What: The South Asian Youth Collective is organizing a party in celebration of Diwali, a day celebrated in many cultures to shine bright and be with loved ones before the cold winter months come in. 

  1. Paranormal Investigation – Old Sainte Antoine Cemetery

Where: Wilfrid Laurier Memorial

When: Nov. 5 

What: A ghost-hunting tour where you will learn about the past events of the area, and even learn about some strategies and tools that are used to communicate and track paranormal activities. 

  1. Pokémon Tournament 

Where: Three Kings Loot Inc. 

When: Every Tuesday

What: Dust out your old Pokémon cards and head on down to battle!

  1. Get It In Writing!” Workshop

Where: L’Annexe: the Ometz Centre for Young Adults 

When: Nov. 29 

What: A workshop to teach self expression in the written form, no prior experience is needed! 

  1. The Breakfast Crawl

Where: McConnell Engineering Building

When: Nov. 19

What: Similar to a pub crawl, this event involves going to five different breakfast locations around Montreal where you will receive a beverage/meal at every stop. All proceeds go to charity.

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