Snowbird Tiki Bar review

Behind the bar counter at Snowbird Tiki Bar. Dalia Nardolillo/THE CONCORDIAN

“Get here fast. Take it slow.”

Walking up St. Hubert Street, you wouldn’t expect to come across this bar. In comparison to the grey cold winter we are currently experiencing, it really stands out. 

The whole entrance is made out of long stalks of bamboo, and upon walking into the bar you are transported into this island-themed paradise right here in Montreal.


When my group arrived at the bar, there was already a long lineup. Fortunately one of the people running the bar said they were about to open the flamingo room so we didn’t have to wait much longer.

The main area of the bar is all island themed, with bartenders dressed in Hawaiian shirts. The decor is the best part, it really makes you ask yourself, “Where did they get all this stuff?” From the fish decorations hanging from the ceiling to Elvis playing throughout the bar, Snowbird definitely passed the vibe check.

Once we finally got seated, I was so mesmerized by all the decorations and the seating itself. We got a booth but there was also a swing seat that my friend Giulia happily took. 


For the first round of drinks, I ordered the Pink Flamingo. My boyfriend Anthony ordered the Cobra’s Fang and my friend Giulia ordered a Piña Colada.

Something that’s super interesting when you first order the drinks is the alcohol levels indicated at the top of the menu, from one to four. The drink that I ordered had an alcohol level of three, and it said I’ll be “texting my ex” with that level. 

Anthony’s drink was a level four, and it said at that level he’d be “losing his phone.” For my friend Giulia, she got the Piña Colada. I think we all know Piña Coladas are pretty tame and it was a level two on the alcohol scale, and said at that level she’d be “calling in sick.”

Not only were the drinks amazing but they were so fun to look at. Giulia’s Piña Colada was served in a coconut water can that you’d see walking down your grocery aisle. Anthony’s Cobra’s Fang was served in a tall glass with leaves bent over to mimic a cobra’s fangs. Finally, my Pink Flamingo was served in a mason jar glass with a pineapple as garnish. 

Once we finished the first round of drinks, we really wanted to try one of the shareable punches. From the three options on the menu, we went with the Garden Party. 

The Garden Party punch was served in a rock bowl and was garnished with flowers and a shot of gin in the actual drink. It was so much fun to share this drink, the blue colour of the punch really transports you to the island vibe that Snowbird touts.


I feel in a nutshell, Snowbird Tiki Bar is one of the most creative themed bars I’ve ever seen. However, it’s not exactly cheap. 

For the first round of drinks, the price range was in between $15-17 for each one. The shareable punch was $40, but split between three people it isn’t that bad. 

If you want to try something different for a celebration, I’d definitely recommend this bar. You’ll be whisked away from the snow and into some good vibes.

Photographs by Dalia Nardolillo/THE CONCORDIAN


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