Portraits of an emblematic figure of Montreal drag scene: Bambi Dextrous

Photo by Elisa Gallot

For the ninth Monday in a row, drag queen Bambi Dextrous hosted a Trivia Night at The Diving Bell Social Club on Saint-Laurent

It is around 8:30 p.m. and The Diving Bell is full. Bambi Dextrous — a drag queen for over 10 years — has just arrived to greet the participants. As she stands next to the bar, we improvise a photoshoot before she goes on stage.

Before the quiz begins, the drag queen likes to introduce each Trivia Monday with a traditional lip-sync performance.

After the show, time for reflection. Our host gets ready to enumerate the questions that she tailor-makes for each quiz night.  

Forty general knowledge questions later, Bambi Dextrous gives the audience a last performance before announcing the winning team.

Sitting under the stage, I try to capture as many movements, facial expressions, and colours as possible.

It is almost midnight when Trivia Night comes to an end and Bambi Dextrous invites me into the dressing room to take some final pictures. In this more intimate environment, I get to learn more about this multidisciplinary artist who combines passions for modeling, make-up, or acting in front of the camera. Beyond drag, Bambi Dextrous hopes to develop her acting career as well.


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