The Update // International Women’s Day, discrimination in engineering and library pranks

The Update is a bit-sized news podcast show where you can get a full update on what is going on at Concordia, and around Montreal. Simply tune-in during your morning commute to be informed!

Welcome to The Update. A bi-weekly news podcast researched, produced and created by The Concordian team.

In this episode, our reporter Simon Fournier interviews Concordia students at the Montreal rally for International Women’s Day.

Our news editor Marieke Glorieux-Stryckman speaks to women in Concordia’s engineering program. She unveils the discrimination they live in a male dominated field of study.

Our reporter Emily Pasquarelli visits Montreal’s Holocaust Museum to speak with Marguerite Élias Qubbus. Not in person, but digitally.

Finally, our reporter Matthew Daldalian investigated the infamous Webster Library prankster, who was playing Andrew Tate videos on speakers around students.

Hosted by Lola Gomez

Produced by Cedric Gallant

Music by Saro Hartounian

Graphic by Carleen Lone


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