HEAD: Concert Review: Sophia Radisch, The Space Wizards, and Steve Creep at Petit Campus

Triple threat bill hits Petit Campus

Last Friday, Petit Campus showcased three bands with different energies. If you got to the show in between acts it wouldn’t look like it, but once the bands got on the floor it was packed!

Steve Creep and The Wildcards opened the show, and they were tight. It was their first concert ever, let alone playing for the first time at Petit Campus! They had the energy of a band that was able to show their confidence onstage and prove that they were ready for this show. 

The Space Wizards came on next. They are a Montreal-native trio that mainly dabble in heavy blues and rock. It was their first show in ages, and they performed spectacularly. 

The trio has a sound that incorporates a dark, octave tone with drums that produce crash-heavy waves, filling the venue up. I remember watching them perform “Fill My Cup” pre-COVID and they were all the more tight, which is saying something. After the song, frontman Will said “My wah pedal was extra wah today, and that’s okay.”

In my opinion, the most memorable songs were “Mind In Tatters,” “Tonight,” and “On The Loose,” which sounded like a fight just broke out between the Greasers and the Socs and I loved it. The intro for “Tonight” came straight out of a porno, and the chorus’ line “let’s get down tonight” pushed that thought into my head each time they would sing it.

The last band that stormed the stage was Sophia Radisch, who walked onstage to shouts and screams from the crowd. She performed with tight and explosive session musicians: Zack Sarkissian on guitar, Sandro Ferraro on bass, and Justin Piedimonte on drums.

Radisch’s vocals are like the love child of Melissa Etheridge and Sinéad O’Connor. She employed that raspy voice of hers over the heavy chugs of Sarkissian’s guitar and the gritty Stingray bass of Ferraro. Piedimonte supplied the group with metal-influenced drumming that was off the board. 

The sixth and most memorable song on their setlist was “Ignite,” which featured a guitar change from Sarkissian. When they started to play, it “ignited” my memory, taking me back to when I was listening to songs from the band Our Lady Peace and The Smashing Pumpkins. It was eerily reminiscent of their song “Soma,” because they’re both littered with similar suspended chords, notably the verses. Guitarist Sarkissian laid in the licks and solos as a call and response to Radisch’s lyrics.

Overall, these bands added their own type of fuel to fire up the crowd. Quite frankly, you should have been there to see it. 

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