Which position of The Concordian should you apply for?

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Want to get involved but not sure where to start? Take this quiz to find out!

Have you ever wanted to get involved with student media? There’s no better place to start than right here, with The Concordian. All positions are open for next year, and we’d love to have you on the team. If you’re intrigued, take this quiz to find out what role you should go for! We got some tips from the current team, so you know that this is legit ; )

[Disclaimer: This is just for fun and not to be taken too seriously! Feel free to go for whichever role you like and keep in mind not all available positions are mentioned here—consult our masthead for the complete list.]


Pick a way to manage your stress when you have too much on your plate:

a. Just plowing through the work
b. Drawing something
c. Cooking a recipe
d. Listening to music
e. Lying on the floor
f. Over-organizing your agenda
g. Listening to a podcast or watching a show
h. Getting some exercise

What is your go-to creative outlet?

a. Notes app songwriting and poetry (that will never see the light of day)
b. Drawing, painting, making silly things!!
c. House decorating
d. Making music or DJ-ing
e. Going for long walks to reflect and ruminate
f. Reading & writing (plus a bit of everything else)
g. Anything digital… photography, film, you name it
h. Fantasy football

Choose one thing to bring to a desert island with you:

a. How to Survive on a Desert Island (For Dummies)
b. Art supplies
c. Religious texts
d. Headphones
e. A friend to chat with (and a good croissant)
f. Your diary
g. Personal photographs
h. A ball to kick around

Your preferred way to get content:

a. Getting involved with the community to find a story
b. Learning a new design program to unleash my creative side
c. Touring local museums and reading up on the exhibits
d. Attending a concert
e. Brainstorming about something you’re particularly passionate about
f. I prefer to be an extra set of eyes on the written work
g. Capturing real-time moments and the action
h. Going to a sports event/ watching a game

Pick a snack/beverage to help you work:

a. Redbull
b. Coffee
c. Fruit (specifically pineapple)
d. Tea and biscuits
e. Ice cream (perhaps with a side of brownies)
f. Chocolate and candy (specifically Reese’s Minis and Sour Patch Kids)
g. Gum
h. Snacks are for the weak… I run on pure adrenaline


If you picked mostly a’s…. News!

You are someone who is totally on top of your tasks and always in the know. You’re curious and like to get to the bottom of things with a “just get it done” mentality. If you’re searching for something fast-paced and exciting, and you have a keen eye for stories worth covering, News might just be the section for you!

If you picked mostly b’s… Graphics!

You’re super creative and always have an art project on the go…or many art projects at the same time. You’re constantly doodling and perhaps your friends say you’re on your own planet some of the time. You’re a force of fun with a great sense of humour and imagination… all things that come in handy when it comes to designing great graphics!

If you picked mostly c’s… Arts and Culture!

If you picked all c’s you might be an art history major… or you might just have a keen interest in all things arts and culture. You love gallery openings, readings, and art events, and you’re always down to meet and talk with creators. In the Arts and Culture section, you would get to learn so much about the city through its art scene and would be able to write about all your discoveries!

If you picked mostly d’s… Music!

Music might just be your whole life… you listen to whatever you can, and never know exactly what to say when people ask what your favourites are (there are too many to choose). You love attending concerts and discovering new artists and you’re always looking for recommendations (or looking to recommend). As music editor, you would get the chance to talk about what you love while putting people on to some great stuff.

If you picked mostly e’s… Ops!

Some say you’re a chatterbox, some call you opinionated: either way, you’d be a great fit for opinions. You always want to give your two cents and hot takes, and you love a good debate. Mentally you might be in a hundred places at once, but the chaos makes sense to you and there are always nuggets of gold to be found. Maybe one of those nuggets might just make a great article…

If you picked mostly f’s… Copy editing!

Chances are you’re a huge bookworm and you love all aspects of language and writing. You know the grammar rules and you stick to them, and it helps that you have a great attention to detail. You’re always ready to lend a hand and make work the best it can be, and often you have some great ideas of your own too!

If you picked mostly g’s… Podcast editing! Or maybe photo or video…

You’d be a great fit for a hands-on media role, whether that be through our podcasts, photos, or videos. You have a good ear and a great eye for the sort of content students are looking for, and you love creating with different digital media. Chances are you love seeking out new shows and podcasts and often fantasize about what you yourself can create. Through The Concordian, you could tell great stories in so many different forms of media.

If you picked mostly h’s… Sports!

Chances are you keep up to date with what’s going on in the sports world, especially your favorite teams (which you’re always ready to defend). You’re always down for a good game or event and keen to break down the play-by-play afterward. You might even be pretty active yourself, and are looking for another way to channel your love for sports. If that’s the case, you might be a great fit for Sports!

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