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Down to the very last drop

Dealing with one of the most crucial issues of our time, Blue Gold: World Water Wars is a hard-hitting documentary, discussing the human overexploitation of water. Based on a book of the same title, Blue Gold won the Environmental Film Audience Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival and will be screened by Concordia University's Cinema Politica next week.

Unfinished Art

What Happens When Nothing Happens, currently on display at Concordia's Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, is a different kind of art show. Instead of showcasing finished works of art, it focuses on the creative process, showcasing works in progress, doodles and to-do lists.

A Just Cause

By choosing to highlight the city of Tel Aviv, the Toronto International Film Festival is demonstrating their ignorance to the suffering of the Palestinian people. Whether intentionally or not, TIFF is downplaying the crimes being committed by Israel, portraying it as a multicultural, democratic country, and shoving that skewed point of view down the Canadian public's throat.

The Paranoia Pandemic

Reaction to the H1N1 virus has been blown out of proportion. If you found yourself in an airport over the summer, you may have seen an infrared camera being used to scan body temperatures of passengers. You might have also seen signs informing passersby about ways to prevent the spread of this virus - including such advice as "don't hug or shake hands.

The Misunderestimated Revolution

Just a couple of weeks ago, the people of Cuba went to the ballots to elect their representatives. Paradoxically, Bush urged Cubans not to vote for the Communist "dictator". This made me wonder, 'How much say do Cubans have in deciding who rules them, and how much of a "dictatorship" is Cuba?" Cuba has a unique political model that cannot be compared to any other country's.

Montrealers march for war-torn Northern Uganda

Leaving from McGill University's gates, hundreds of people participated in Saturday's Gulu Walk, an event to raise awareness about the war in northern Uganda. Conflict between the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni resulted in the forced displacement of 1.

Animal rights activists protest selling of foie gras at IGA

Animal rights activists protested in front of an IGA on Rene Levesque Boulevard and St. Urbain on Wednesday, Oct. 6, condemning the sale of foie gras at the supermarket chain. The protest was organized by the Concordia Animal Rights Association (CARA). Lucas Solowey, Co-President of CARA said the production of foie gras is very cruel, "and often times the [birds] will vomit up blood.

Montreal joins worldwide protest

Protestors marched in downtown Montreal on Oct. 6 to show their support for the "pro-democracy" demonstrations in Burma and to condemn the violent crackdown against the peaceful participants. The march was coordinated to be part of the Global Day of Action for Burma.

International Day of Peace fosters hope for a better future

On Friday, Montreal commemorated the International Day of Peace on the Place des Arts Esplanade. Around two hundred people and a number of organizations attended the Pacifest, which was organized by the Circle of Peace of Montreal. The organizations present were varied, but they all had one goal in common: peace and co-existence.