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Plaster wants to Let It All Out

Plaster is like no other electro-rock band. The trio is one special unit, working in harmony to mix and match a handful of different sounds. They harmonize bass with drums and keyboard to create a vibe that gets you dancing all night long.
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Ariane Moffatt goes electro in new remix album

“I don’t come from a family of musicians or artists of some sort necessarily, but it was kind of an instinctive thing for me to come into places where there were musical instruments,” said Moffatt. “That is the earliest memory I have of me thinking about wanting to just make any kind of sound with anything that could produce music.”
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M for Montreal, music, and marathon!

Montreal is a destination of choice for musicians from all around the world. The city has been blessed with a full year of amazing festivals— and it is far from over. From Nov. 14 to 17, M for Montreal will take the city by storm for the seventh year in a row.
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Missing: Justice

Hundreds of people gathered at Place Émilie-Gamelin to participate in the seventh annual Sisters in Spirit Memorial March and Vigil for Murdered and Missing Native Women Thursday evening.
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MUSIC: How To Dress Well finds sonic beauty in nightmares

Who can say if Tom Krell truly knows ‘how to dress well,’ but he sure knows how to compose music. The Colorado-born experimental-pop producer and singer’s project, How to Dress Well, has just released its sophomore album, Total Loss. It was released Sept. 17 and has already been labeled Best New Music by Pitchfork.