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Column- Bass Unearthed: Munchi vs. Azealia Banks

Last week, the impending release of rapper Azealia Banks’ music video for “Esta Noche” quickly evolved into a collision of two very different mindsets within the music industry. After a copyright clash with Munchi — the DJ behind the track’s instrumental — the video went unreleased.
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UZ runs the ‘Trap’ at Foufounes

To really understand what began the rise of “Trap music,” the genre combining deep-south gangster-rap beats with the wobbles and synths of Electronic dance music, the first step is to take a good look at UZ.
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Mitt Romney: American idiot?

On Monday, American Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made off-the-cuff remarks at a secretly taped California fundraiser that raised a lot of eyebrows on multiple key issues.