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Confessions of a 20 something #6

Cancer messes with your head a little bit. Forget the roller coaster of emotions you go through. Forget the overwhelming number of doctor’s appointments, needles in your arm and information to absorb. It also changes you. Like it or not.
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What I did on my summer break

The newest group of students accepted into the Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program (CVAP) begin their pre-departure training sessions this January for their summer volunteer trip to Gulu, Uganda.
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Battle of the briefcases

After six days of debating and deliberating, Université Laval has come out on top in the 31st annual John Molson School of Business MBA International Case Competition, winning $10,000 in cash and the Concordia Cup.
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The Collective for Syria in Montreal protests human rights abuses

The Collective for Syria in Montreal held a march on Saturday to protest continued human rights violations in Syria. Starting at Norman Bethune Square on the corner of Guy St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd., organizers distributed Syrian flags, flowers, and red umbrellas with the words ‘Free Syria’ written on them. They also gave away masks with pictures of those who died in Syria. The masks, they said, were for anyone who did not want their faces to be seen.