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It’s bigger than hip hop

“Yes we can . . . ” and “I have a dream . . . ” These famous words echo through the opening scenes of Yanick Létourneau’s film United States of Africa (2012). The Concordia University graduate’s latest documentary explores the stagnant and corrupt socio-political climate of Africa and the dissatisfaction felt by many of its inhabitants.
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Once upon a dare… a household name in the making

For comedian and Concordia University graduate Andrew Searles it all started with a challenge. One night a friend dared him to open for comics Joey Elias and Ryan Wilner at a John Abbott College comedy show. At the time, he thought it would be a fun experience, nothing more.
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Of flies and men

A good piece of literature should always leave one feeling that each page was worth the time it took to turn it. Unless it’s truly horrid writing (or has been penned by anyone with a reality television show), most books will accomplish that.
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Video game princess

Olivia Kowalski, a Concordia University fine arts graduate, struggled to balance her desire to be an artist with her need for a stable income following her graduation two years ago.
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Get Sweaty and Get Social

While lifting weights at the gym to a personalized playlist may be the ideal workout for some, others need a little change in pace and scenery - a feeling David Sciacca and Jonas Caruana understand all too well.
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Digging deep but coming up short

It’s the crack of noon, so roll yourself out of bed, brew a cup of extra strong tea and settle in with the philosophically melancholy characters featured in Guillaume Morissette’s debut collection of stories and poems, I Am My Own Betrayal.
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The way we used to Cut and Paste

Amanda Durepos graduated from Concordia this June from the Art History and Studio Art program. The Concordian sat down with Durepos to discuss her new art exhibit and the inspiration behind her fascinating work.