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Taking a deeper look

Concordia University’s Board of Governors unanimously adopted all recommendations of an external governance review addressing the departure of personnel at the senior administrative level and strengthening transparency.
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Walking the plank

Concordia University’s internal relations with its senior employees is complex, confusing and sometimes expensive. That's where we come in.
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‘I am fundamentally an academic’: Judith Woodsworth

After walking away in late 2010 from the top position at Concordia University with just over $700,000 in severance pay, it turns out that former president Judith Woodsworth has been quietly teaching at the university since the start of the winter semester.

Look who decided to come back

After a controversial departure in 2010 that saw her being sent off with a $700,000 severance package, Woodsworth has returned to her old job as translation teacher without any public announcement from the university.