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Men: commercial failures

In many of these ads women consistently come off looking better, more grounded and sensible than their male counterparts. Should you question the sexist nature of this; simply reverse the genders and see how people would react to clueless women constantly being corrected by doting men who roll their eyes at their male’s incompetence?
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Concordia draws McGill 1-1 at home

The Stingers men's soccer team hosted rivals McGill at Concordia Stadium on Friday night. Concordia grabbed the lead in the first half, but McGill equalized the score in the 78' minute off a corner kick.
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Stingers get back to winning ways

After being dominated by the Montreal Carabins last week, the Stingers men’s football team hit the road to redemption. Travelling to Antigonish, Nova Scotia, the Stingers took on St. Francis Xavier’s X-Men in their home opener on Saturday.