What does your favourite music merch item mean to you?

Students at Concordia share clothing pieces featuring their cherished artist merch and tangible music.

How meaningful really is a t-shirt with your favourite artist printed on it hanging in your closet? Whether purchased from a random vintage store or official website, your favourite artist has most probably sold tangible items under their name. 

The concept of merch in the music industry is for one, an obvious promotional aspect. Limited edition drops can be found on artists’ official websites to promote their newest musical release. 

Another popular way for people to get their hands on some goods is by attending a concert and purchasing directly at the merch tables there. Fan-made products sold online are also widely accessible and used among fans. Even acquiring the setlist of a show at the end of it definitely counts as meaningful (and free!) merch. 

Merch articles can take various shapes, from t-shirts and hoodies to hats, keychains, pins, bags and so much more. Collecting vinyls and CDs is also an option—and this way of interacting with the music of a loved artist can make it more personal. 

You can tell so much about someone even without exchanging a word just by noticing a merch product on them. And it may be a great way to spark up a conversation!

The Concordian spoke with some of the students on campus about their favourite merch from a musical artist and what it means to them. 

Alfred, a human relations student at Concordia shared how important it was to him to acquire a staple piece after seeing Kaytraminé over the summer. He got a t-shirt from the duo to commemorate his “favourite time of the year.” Liz, another student in human relations and organization development, talked about her vintage Ice Cube shirt, which gave her nostalgia for watching movies and listening to the rapper growing up. She simply had to buy it when she saw it in a store, she added. 

Studying creative writing, Wu-Tang Clan is at the core of Kreeashon’s dear merch item that she acquired from her brother. It features the artist’s first album and is the reason why Kreeashon got into hip-hop in the first place. As for Yasmine in Communication Studies, her friend got her a Dominic Fike t-shirt from a live show they attended a couple of years ago. For her, it acts as a reminder of the moments they shared together at the show. 

Kikah commented on a CD she holds dear and close to her heart. Using her DJ Quik CD lets her immerse into the world of hip-hop “in its purest form,” and, coming from New York, it is also a way for her to reminisce about the earlier style of the genre. 

Whether it’s an item that you can wear outside or display and use in your personal space, music merch can hold a special place in the heart and bring you a sense of connection and nostalgia to your treasured artists.

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