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Occupy Montreal returns to People’s Square after eviction

Occupy Montreal participants at Saturday’s general assembly expressed disappointment at the police-enforced eviction of their tent-village on Nov. 25, but are committed to the future of the movement as it shifts to ‘Phase 3.’

Time to get a move on: Mayor

A few hours after the Occupy Toronto movement received an eviction notice, Mayor Gérald Tremblay sent a message to Montreal Occupiers on Monday evening suggesting they leave Victoria Square, site of the occupation since Oct. 15.

Richard Bergeron lends support to Occupy Montreal

Occupiers have found a friend in Richard Bergeron. On Wednesday evening, the Projet Montréal leader and city councillor stopped by Victoria Square, the site of Occupy Montreal demonstrations since Oct. 15, with words of encouragement and a pledge to represent their rights at City Hall.
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Wake up, go to class, study, occupy

Instead of studying or finishing homework last Monday night, Jamie Richardson went to Montreal’s City Hall to improve…

Occupy Montreal heads into second week

As it heads into its second week, Occupy Montreal continues to grow as dozens of tents and hundreds of people settle in Victoria Square (or “The People’s Square”), leaving occupiers wondering where they will move next.