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Italian cure for the mid-November blues

So, you have been studying for hours and you keep getting the same question wrong. You have a group project due tomorrow and your teammates refuse to do their share. You are hungover and you have no idea who or what gave you that huge bruise. You have texted your crush for the umpteenth time and still have no response. You are still not done midterms and finals are only a couple weeks away! Experiencing the mid-November blues? Well then it’s time to find inner peace.
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Pumpkin cranberry walnut bread

Whether or not you chose to adorn your front steps with pumpkins, their abundance has without a doubt had you seeing a lot of orange! With all this exposure to the festive squash, it’s difficult to not find yourself with the sudden unexplained craving. So how about a comforting pumpkin bread that guarantees to satisfy without weighing you down?
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The perfect pumpkin pie

It’s that time of year again. As we get closer and closer to Halloween, people are decorating their homes, picking out costumes, stocking up on tons of candy and, of course, carving pumpkins.