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Raven talks inspiration, performing live, and her new EP

After highschool, Raven travelled the globe before returning home and beginning work on her first EP Illusions with her childhood best friend, Moneo. Although she did not have the ability to record while moving from country to country, Raven believes that the experiences heavily influenced her songwriting and helped her find her voice. After three years of country-hopping, Raven found herself back in Invermere, unsure what to do next. This is when she and Moneo decided to put those emotions and experiences into Illusions. This gave her insight into the writing and recording process – insight which would be used to improve her songwriting and enabled her to hone her craft before heading east.
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QUICKSPINS: Jack Harlow – Confetti

Thankfully, Jack Harlow knows what he’s good at and when to cap it off. Confetti, his newest mixtape, is a concise 35-minute banger-fest that puts his tight flow in a trophy case, all while rapping over beats that could rattle any neighbourhood if played at full volume.