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QUICKSPINS: Justin Bieber – Changes

After taking over four years for himself, Justin Bieber is back with a new style in Changes

After four years of ups and downs, Justin Bieber’s long-awaited return arrived on Feb. 14 with the release of his fifth studio album, Changes.

Unlike some of Bieber’s most popular tracks, “Baby,” “Boyfriend,” and “Despacito,” overall this album has a slow tempo. Yet, some songs distinguish themselves with stronger bass and catchier beats, as heard on “Forever,” featuring Post Malone and Clever, and “Running Over,” featuring Lil Dicky.

It could have been better. The 17-track album is way too long. With most of the songs being slow-paced with low or moderate vocals, it gets repetitive after a few tracks. Besides, “Yummy”—other than being annoyingly catchy—is a complete waste of time.

Whether this album is about Bieber’s wife or his ex-girlfriend, his desire to put his feelings first is evident. Although effort alone is not enough, as he said, he’s been “going through changes.”

This album could have been a total disaster or a total success, and somehow it’s right in the middle. Some songs are enjoyable and some are regrettable. Fortunately for him, Beliebers will always be satisfied with his music because they belieb in him.

Rating: 7/10

Trial Track: “Habitual”

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