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A.A.L. – 2012-2017

A.A.L. – 2012-2017 (Other People)

Nicolas Jaar’s latest release under A.A.L. is a remarkably complex and deftly produced album of house and electro-funk with enough soul for the dancefloor and enough sleekness for the club. 2012-2017 is an album that’s unattached from the passage of time; its timeless songs breathe new life into sample heavy electronica music. Jaar doesn’t hold back, delving deep into a instrumental palette of snares, high-hats and piano loops. The rest of the album’s space is filled to the gills with excellent production work. Jaar is tinkering his fingers to the proverbial bone. There’s a familiarity to 2012-2017 that engages equally with genres of the past and present. But the final product is woven so effortlessly that you can’t help but get lost in its ageless appeal.

Rating: 8.9/10

Trial Track: “I Never Dream”

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