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Here are some of The Concordian staff’s favourite fashion staples

As my fashion sense has evolved, so too have my fashion staples.

When I was nine, my go-to look was a Paul Frank T-shirt and a thick purple headband. In junior high, it was UGG boots and leggings. By high school, my typical outfit had shifted to an oversized flannel and shaved head. So, it’s safe to say I was pretty consistent throughout.

When it comes to my current signature look, I typically gravitate towards cropped jeans with white, vintage-inspired sneakers. I love cropped pants because they instantly make a basic outfit look a little more chic and effortless, ya know? I feel the same way about my Reebok Club C 1985 sneakers — I wear these bad boys with everything, from wrap dresses to cargo pants.

As of right now, I’m pretty content with my style. Then again, I was content in highschool too, when I looked like that mutant spider-baby from Toy Story, so I suppose my wardrobe is always going to be subject to change. That’s the fun in fashion, right?

I asked my friends at The Concordian what they consider to be their fashion staples, and their answers both surprised and delighted me. Here’s what they had to say:


Katelyn Thomas, Editor-in-Chief 

Dr. Martens — Chelsea Boots

“My vegan docs are my fashion staple because of their versatility. They can be worn with pretty much anything, they’re SUPER comfy once you break them in (RIP to your feet before that), and they don’t get ruined in the winter because they aren’t made of leather, so the salt doesn’t eat away at them. One quick wipe and they look as good as new, despite the fact that I bought them about five years ago.”


Matthew Coyte, Managing Editor 

Northern Souvenirs — Flannel

“For me, it’s just something warm to wear during these hella long winters, and it’s easy to match it with whatever else I’m wearing. In my first year, I got chirped a lot by my friends for wearing it. Now that I’m in my fourth year, they tell me that it’s basically a part of my personality, so I don’t think I can ever stop wearing it now.”


Alex Hutchins, Creative Director 

Brand Unknown — Socks

“Matching my socks to my outfit makes me feel complete, kinda like that cute lil’ cherry on top. Whether I look like a moderate bum or literal death reincarnated, if my socks match, I feel pretty damn good. I don’t go for particular brands, just designs that stand out; cacti, Batman, red roses, pot leaves, rainbow stripes, toe-socks, everything! Even if my socks are a boring, neutral tone, they’ll still match an accent piece of my outfit.”


Jad Abukasm, News Editor 

Simons — Turtleneck

“I just love turtlenecks and always wear them. Quality turtlenecks feel like a warm hug!”


Kayla-Marie Turriciano, Life Editor

Etnia Barcelona  Glasses

“I’ve only had three pairs of glasses since I realized I needed them like seven years ago. Each time I would spend a long time choosing them because I didn’t want them to be boring, you know? They really had to fit my personality. I got this pair when I started university, and they’re actually sunglasses. It took me over a year to find them because they had to be perfect. And here I am, three years later, and I love them and I feel like they really complete me.”


Chloë Lalonde, Arts Editor/Production Assistant 

Brand Unknown — Pouch

“After some thought, I think my favourite ‘fashion item’ is a good ol’ pouch. I have many! I like to switch them up depending on their size or what I’m doing. I also have designated pouches for many things — a drawing/pencil case pouch, an everyday pouch… What I love about a pouch is that you can be a bag lady in the day, but by night for vernissages and other art stuff I so often attend — voila! A chic clutch!”


Matthew Ohayon, Sports Editor 

Ray-Ban — Glasses

“I’ve always been told by my friends that I’ve been ‘blessed with bad vision,’ which is them saying nicely I’m ugly without glasses and frankly, I agree. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in grade three but only got to pick out a pair for myself in grade nine — before it was my mom picking them out for me. Now, I’m obsessed with glasses and buy a couple of pairs a year.”


Youmna El Halabi, Opinions Editor

Calvin Klein — Leather jacket

“I’ve always been fascinated with the Joan Jett, rock’n’roll style, ever since I was 15. So at first, I was copying a certain style I loved, but now it feels like a necessity in any type of outfit I wear, like my outfit is incomplete unless I top it off with a leather jacket, ‘cause it kind of sets a ‘Youmna’ mood.”


Callie Giaconne, Assistant Opinions Editor

Blundstones — Boots

“When I wake up on a dark cold winter morning, finish my coffee and head for the door, my dirty, ugly, stained Blundstones bring me comfort and security. They aren’t cute, they aren’t that stylish — but you literally will not see me trudging through the ice and snow in anything else.”


Laurence Brisson Dubreuil, Photo Editor

Members Only — Bomber Jacket

“I love how easy it is to pair this bomber jacket with everything — it’s a lot more versatile than what you’d expect it to be. The bomber style makes it casual enough to wear with jeans and a simple tee. Meanwhile, the shimmer gives it a somewhat chic look that can easily be matched with a blouse and a cropped flare pant. Overall, it’s just a really comfy and interesting piece!”

Photos by Laurence BD

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